I Love Myself Subliminal

"I love myself. I like myself. I accept myself..."

Play this over and over (just R click on the Play button and select "Loop")  This is Goddess Shalla (Shalla Art) lovingly creating healing subliminals. There are several tracks of layered voices, that way the positive messages can pass your conscious mind and reach your subconscious. I'm a Theta Healer, Psychic Reader Hypnotherapist


Shalla Art on 49ers vs Seahawks

Table Made of Ice...ooooh

VEGAS is a big party

After New Years

Shalla Art Welcomes 2017

LOOK better than last year

Shalla Art Walking Past Cartier

Happiest 2017 let's make it wonderful

Shalla Art with drummer Tom Bisesti

Shalla Art Welcomes 2017

Las Vegas Natural History Museum Displays Shalla Art's Murals

Chef Peter & Shalla Art at Bronze Cafe in the Market